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So, here's a thing that I wish I'd known an hour ago: Android devices' external/additional storage doesn't preserve a lot of the file properties I'm used to assuming a computer will keep track of. In particular, it doesn't keep a "file created" date or a "file last modified" date. (It does know one date, which is the file creation date if you created the file in that location on that device - if you moved it from another computer, or even from another folder on the same Android device, that's what date it remembers.)

The way I learned this was by moving a bunch of files onto my new Android device, and saving them to the external storage on the assumption that this was a sensible way to keep the internal storage free for important system files.

To be fair, I don't care about the file dates of all the files thus affected (and of those that I do care about, there's a significant chunk that I have backed up on a computer with a real file system, because I care about them in other ways too, so there is a place I can look up that information if I need it). But in a way, that just makes it more annoying, because it means that the significant files constitute a relatively small chunk of storage space, and I could easily and without any inconvenience have kept them in the device's internal storage if I'd known it would matter.

ETA: Or, on further investigation, perhaps not. Copying a file to the device's internal memory also loses a bunch of file property information and keeps only one file date, which is reset to the time the file was copied. The reason I didn't spot this immediately is that thereafter it functions as a "file last modified" date, updating each time the file is edited. Which is something, anyway, and for at least some of the files I was annoyed about is the thing that matters.
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1. Let the record show that, even after ten years working with computers for a living, I am still capable of spending fifteen minutes trying increasingly arcane methods to get the computer to talk to the scanner before realising that the scanner isn't switched on.

2. The production of 'Allo 'Allo has closed after a successful run, both in terms of audience response and -- very important for an amateur production -- in that everybody in the cast and crew got along with each other and enjoyed themselves.

In theory, this means I can now throw myself into rehearsals for The Duchess of Coolgardie... so of course this week is the week when rehearsals have been called off because nearly everybody is out of town for school (or other) holidays. I'm additionally annoyed that it wasn't next week, because then I could have gone to a Toastmasters meeting (which I haven't been able to do lately because there's a Duchess rehearsal on the same weeknight).

3. Another consequence of 'Allo 'Allo ending is that I now have time to go to the gym again. I went this evening for the first time in a month, and got halfway through the routine before deciding I'd better go home and have a little lie-down until the spots in front of my eyes went away. I did feel much better afterwards, though.

4. In case there's anyone left I haven't already recommended it to, the latest addition to the webcomics I read regularly is Breaking Cat News, in which three intrepid feline reporters bring you the latest on such vital headlines as "Everything on the shelf fell down and broke; there are no suspects" and "It's 7.31am on Saturday morning and the food bowl is still empty".

5. Random fact of the week: The land area of the nation of Andorra is very nearly the same as that of the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
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I forgot this word the first time I learned it, so this time I'm going to write it down:

apocolocyntosis, n. transformation into a pumpkin

as in: "It's been great hanging out with you guys, but I'd better head home now; it's nearly midnight and I'm rapidly approaching apocolocyntosis."
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I've finished Batman: Arkham Asylum. I think. I completed the main plot a while back (take that, Joker!), and after the credits rolled it went into extra time free exploration mode where I could wander around and finish finding all the little hidden bonus wossnames and complete the find-the-Riddler subplot. Got the last one yesterday, and the Riddler has been duly carted off by the authorities, and I was kind of expecting the game to end then, but it hasn't. Anybody else got this far? Is there something I need to do to properly finish, or does extra time free exploration mode just continue indefinitely?


The game I've started playing now is called Moonbase Commander. Three days ago I hadn't heard of it. Two days ago, I happened to read a newspost on Penny Arcade where Tycho said glowing things about it. Yesterday, I wandered into EB Games on a whim, and there it was, going cheap. Today, I decided I'd play a quick round before I got started on the other stuff that needed doing this evening, and surfaced two hours later.


They say you learn something new every day. Today, I learned that it's possible to say to Adobe Photoshop, "Do this command, not just on this image, but on every image I have open." Very handy if you have a few dozen images that all need to be shrunk to a standard size. Not that this is the first time that option would have saved me a lot of time and annoyance, far from it, but for some reason today was the day I wondered whether it existed.
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Today, I learned how to change the colour of a rasterised anti-aliased image without turning it into a jagged-edged blob.
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It's been a long week, which I'm too sleepy to write about just now. So instead here are some links:

The single most common error made by shoelace-tiers. I've been doing it wrong for decades. (via)

Duty and responsibility. "When 13-year-old Evan Spencer wanted to play the ultraviolent video game Call of Duty, his parents gave him the green light, on one condition: He had to follow the Geneva Conventions." (via)

The SPCA, a cartoon by Phil Foglio.


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